Membership Fees

Annual Membership: Membership is annual. See below for a table of fees.

Current Fee Levels: Current fee levels are based on an updated appraisal of Village At Home's fundraising capacity as a new non-profit in this economy. To keep fees affordable for more area residents, membership fees cover only 80% of what it actually costs to run a Village. We encourage you to add whatever you can as a donation.

Monthly Payment Option: To make the annual membership more affordable, we offer a monthly payment option (available when we launch services).

Pre-paid Memberships: We welcome pre-paid annual membership fees prior to launch of services. Your pre-paid membership goes to work immediately by motivating others to join or to donate. The membership year for any pre-paid memberships begins on the day we launch services, which will be November 1, 2011.

Membership Type* Annual Membership Fee Monthly Payment Option**
Where only one person resides in a single dwelling unit
$800 $70
Where two or more persons reside in a single dwelling unit
$1,200 $105
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* The number of people residing in a single dwelling unit determines definitively the membership type for which you are eligible.

** The monthly payment option includes a small monthly processing fee.

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