Get Involved

Broad community support is critical to the immediate success and long-term sustainability of Village At Home. We encourage everyone to work with us to make Village At Home a warm, wonderful and sustainable Village.

Join — Joining as a member allows you to experience firsthand all that the Village can offer. Anyone of any age will find many Village services valuable. Do something nice for yourself and help your community at the same time. Encourage your friends and neighbors to join also.

Volunteer — If you are not ready to join, we welcome you as a volunteer. Give as little time as you want or as much as you want. Experience that special satisfaction when you make a difference in a meaningful way. Volunteers are the heart of the Village.

Donate — In our City, members of our community do so much for others in need. Now it’s time to give back to your own neighborhood, especially to help the vulnerable among us. With your help, Village At Home will improve the quality of our community for years to come.

Hard to choose? Consider doing all three — join, volunteer and donate! It’s all about helping each other.

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