If you are a member, it is easy to make a service request online. Once you login as a member, click on Service Request, (located on the left-hand menu) to access a convenient form for your request. Click on “Send” and your request is on its way to Village At Home. More comfortable making your request by phone? Call us at 410-235-3171. We will be happy to work with you to meet your request.

Village At Home members are eligible to receive services from two sources: volunteers and vendors.

Neighbor-to-neighbor volunteers

Our volunteers provide pre-arranged door-to-door local transportation. They also help members with smaller, intermittent tasks.

Find out more about Services from Volunteers.

Vetted Village Vendors

Our vendors — all at a discount to members — perform skilled jobs, personal care, and the larger, ongoing tasks.

Find out more about Services from Vendors.

Village To Village Network

Connect here with Villages that are sprouting up in communities across the country.